Sun spots!


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I have too many so-called "beauty" marks. I wish my mom slathered me with sunscreen since birth, at LEAST on my face! While I make up for lost time (spf 45 every day!), what can I do to reduce the appearance of dark marks on my face?


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I know how you feel, I've done some googling and I'm trying a bleaching cream for freckles and sunspots with 2% Hydroquinone along with regular use of sunscreen.


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i'm going to start trying bleaching cream too. there has to be some laser removal treatment for something like this if they can reduce varicose veins and scars!


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Concealing sun spots!

FINALLY, I have found the solution thanks to MAC!! I have tried the every bleaching product out there btw.

I attended a basic "Technique" event at my local MAC counter done by one of the Profession MUA's listed on MAC website. It was a basic class, but I did learn things and was thrilled that she stayed after so that I could talk to her about how to conceal my sun spot on my cheek.

She wiped my makeup off and said it had a "purple" tone. She mixed Morange lipstick and NW25 (I'm NW20) concealer and applied with a concealer brush and evened it out with her finger.

I bought the concealer but had spent so much at that point that I thought I would B2M the lipstick later.

Last night, I realized that I had an eyeshadow that I had bought on ebay that was unusable that might work. So I mixed the NW25 concealer and "Stencil" e/s until I got an exact match to the swatch she had given me. It worked PERFECTLY!!! HTH