super sleeping pills.


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my doctor gave me some anti-anxiety meds to help me through the divorce. i'm used to taking them, i've been on them for years. but she upped the dosage so they'll help me sleep too. eeesh. i took HALF of one last night, slept like the dead.

i woke up tired. got dressed, played some games with the kids, got them ready for dad to pick them up, said goodbye...

and my eyelids still feel like they're made out of lead.

i'm going for a nap.

and if i can't sleep tonight i'm cutting the darn pill into quarters.

Insomia, eat your heart out.


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oh man. what pills are they if you don'tmind me asking?
nothing knocks me out anymore. My body gets used to whatever put you out (in a med) really fast. Gravol does nothing. Nighttime pills (for colds) have no effects. Benodryl. Even after a year fo not taking something, still doesnt work.
i know i would need a perseciption, and so on, but im just curious.

Good luck with the meds, and sry to hear about your divorce.


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Ok.. not posting this to criticize or anything.
It's just that please be careful with anti-anxiety pills. The long term effects of those are internationally known to have dangerous sides effects. (companies tend to hide the real dangers.. oh money) They make your mood and.. satisfaction of basic things of life really relying on the substance. And when you'll try to cut it it may be hard, depressing.
Sadly some moments of our lives brings us really bad feelings to deal with, but please be careful when chemically dealings with them. A lot of doctors prescribe those like vitamins.. it's wrong they aren't.
Sometimes things are just not easy and can't be, it makes us strong and not naive. But our brain is really well made and time makes the pain go away.
Dangers of Benzodiazepine are not to be underestimated, please google it.


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I agree with Sakura.

Benzos are HIGHLY addictive and should be taken with care.

Most people that take them (especially if doctor's prescribe too high of a dose) walk around like they're drunk.

In some occasions taking one pill can be like drinking 3-4 alcoholic beverages. Just please be careful with them, hun! <3


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I def think you should take a smaller dosage if your getting completely knocked out from the Ativan. How much of an increase did she make on it from your old dosage?

It seems like everyone's doctor BUT mines gives out the stronger anti-anxiety meds which is a good and bad thing depending on your anxiety level. My old ones were the ones that use to pass them out like candy to their patients. The first time I took any meds they gave me klonopin and zoloft and kept upping the dosage like it was nothing. They do nothing for me! But I hope that your meds are actually helping you out though, anxiety is such a bitch. I also agree that doctors need to inform patients a lot more on the side effects and risks of their medications instead of just handing the script to them and calling it an appointment.


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Hope you feel better soon


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A friend of mine was on the same drug and said she felt like she walked round drunk for days. It doesn't seem like nice stuff, I remember her also describing to me a sense of just being all over the place, walking into things etc.

I take Diazepam 5mg, which comes under the same class of drugs and I don't get any of those side effects. They put me to sleep nice and gently and find and I can wake up next morning and be pretty much fully functional straight away. It takes me slightly longer to get ready but other than that nothing major. I've taken Zopiclone in the past also, but that's only really for short term use but again no big problems.

I'd suggest maybe you get back to your doctor and re-evaluate your dose. Hope things get easier for you soon and you're able to sleep peacefully!