Sweetie Cake/Lush haul!


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I went to the counter I normally visit the other day with my friend to check out Amuse (we would've made our way to the store, but knew it would've been busy). And while she was swatching eyeshadows I was looking at lip products. I looked behind the lipgelees and saw a beaker with Petite Glosses and Cheek Stains full to the brim.

So I didn't ask them if they had any more left, but I went back two days later with a different friend and waited 10 minutes until someone helped us. I asked the girl if they had anymore left and she said yes - they did. They had the orange/pink one and the lilac/dark purple one. I asked to swatch plum parfait and lo and behold. Love at first swatch! So I picked it up.


I also got Black Pearl bath ballistic at Lush. Since I was determined to save some of my birthday money [I turn 17 on Friday]. I was on the Lush forums last night with my friend Lisa, and we were looking at this girls post of ratings for all the bath bombs she had tried. I didn't read the review for black pearl but me and my friend gasped at the lovely colour it had turned her bath water. A greyish/silver with silver sparkles. It was gorgeous!

^that's the picture that convinced me to try it.
The Black Pearl is a dark, a mysterious Bath Bomb named in honour of Captain Jack Sparrow's ship in Pirates of the Caribbean. This bath bomb is studded with crystals of sea salt and scented with lavender and blackcurrant. Inside each one there's a wise saying, a "pearl of wisdom" to enlighten you in your search for treasure."


Now i'm only two purchases away to having a free Happy Pill!

I also got these Garage capris that were on my back to school list. They were one of the two last pairs in my size so I snagged them right then and there. Regardless of how much I wanted to save my money. I already put them on my back to school list - so why not get them and sport them in style during my senior year.

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