Synthetic Hairs and Fly Aways


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I just bought the 116 blush brush a week or so ago. Today was the first time I gave it a deep cleansing with baby shampoo. When I first got the brush, there was already one fly away hair, but I didn't want to fuss too much. After I washed it, more fly aways appeared. Is this normal? or should I go back and exchange it?



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What I do is I wash my goat hair brushes with shampoo, rinse fully, then gently squeeze out the excess water, and then I wrap them tightly with toilet paper so the bristles are fully enclosed and wrapped. This will make them dry completely in perfect shape and prevents flyaways. Don't worry, flyaways are normal.


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Originally Posted by Odette
Check out Enkoremakeup on Youtube, he has a video on how to fix this.

Koren is awesome!! i went to the arts/crafts store the other day and they didn't have any brush shaper

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