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Anyone know where I can get one of these ? I think it's a UK product, but I can't find an online store to buy from...

Has anyone used one ?


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I just googled it for you, it appears this store is in the UK but ships worldwide - T-Bow : Instyle, Aerobikes, T-Bow, S2, Simultrainer, fitness products

Maybe that might help you, there is customs to consider though and given the single T-bow is £89, the charges could be quite heavy!
I would offer to get it for you and send it over, with the price marked down on the customs label but I don't think I'd get away with it being quite a big product.


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UPDATE: They've got a US site now: exercise system | T-Bow
I looked into it as a trainer in May of this year. I didn't end up buying one though.

This is the contact I received for US distribution:
yes I am the one who can sell you a T-BOW. Where do you live exactly? I may have some in stock in your area. How many would you need?
Would you be interested in a trainer's course? I am the master instructor.


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The actual e-mails were from [email protected].

Hope this helps.

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