T-mobile or Verizon?


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I switched to a G1 instead of a sidekick, and I have to say... I like it a LOT better. The new sidekick is great and all, but I just didn't think for the price it was worth it. Upgrade wise, the G1 is perfect. Touch screen, google maps, you can upgrade it manually and the browser can open multiple windows.

The only thing that the sidekick has that the G1 seems to lack with is AIM and Tmail. The sidekick's tmail is WAY awesome, but G1's gmail is also amazing. Just different.

AIM is a whole other story
It doesn't work as well and keeps signing out, and if you want a really good AIM client... you have to pay $10.



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^^ The decision to get the sidekick over the G1 was a real quick one when the CSR told me how much the monthly data plan ones. I was just like "mmmk, I think I'll just stick with my sidekick and get unlimited everything cause I'm poor" lol.

It would be pretty pointless for me to of gotten the G1 either way cause we don't have freakin 3G in my area. I'm quite angry about that cause who knows how long it'll take for them to get it out here. I don't live in a really major city so we'll probably be the last to get it here while everyone else already has 4G =[

I'm noticing that the battery life on the LX 2009 sucks. It's got 2 bars right now and I really didn't do all that much on it today. I do like the new keyboard though, I find it much easier to type on than the previous LX. That's a must for me cause I'm a messaging maniac. That's practically the only way I even communicate with people over the phone. I actually get mad when people call me lol.

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