That eyeshadow everybody just must have


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Hey girlies.

I'm pretty new to mac, but I adore the eyeshadows, and I wonder... What color can't you live without?
Or what color do you feel everyone should just have and it's a disgrace to all that is holy if you don't have it?
Do you find yourself using a shade almost every day? Which one

I want to grow my collection, why I'm asking this question, so I know what to get.
I'm open for pretty much any color and I have deep brown eyes and black hair if it helps any with the suggestions.


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I would say a couple. Mulch is a beautiful deep rich brown with gold and bronze flecks in it. I have blue eyes so it looks really nice for a brown smokey eye on me. Sunday Best was part of the LE Lingerie collection, its a soft pinky white with shimmer. I use it almost every day as a highlight. Its beautiful. Any of the Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows are great. Star Violet, Sumptuous Olive, Woodwinked, Satellite Dreams, Freshwater, and Copperring to name a few that you should check out. If you decide to go with pigments, the must-haves for me are Sunnydaze, Azreal Blue, and Vanilla. I could live on just those probably. Hope this helped.


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i've got deep brown eyes, and black hair, also, so i'll try to answer this as best as possible. also, i'm going to seperate the LE/disc. shades from the regular shades, just for simplicity.

REGULAR SHADES: carbon is an absolute must, because everyone needs a matte black. white frost is a good white to have, slightly shimmery, but not too chalky, and blends well. humid and swimming are good greens. deep truth, freshwater, and moon's reflection for blues. satellite dreams and stars'n rockets for purple. sushi flower for pink. bitter is a gorgeous chartreuse, and is really versatile, surprisingly. gorgeous gold, and chrome yellow if you wear yellows. aquadisiac and steamy/surreal for blue/green colors. honesty, mulch, and espresso for neutrals. i know i'm missing some...

DISCONTINUED: parrot is my all-time favorite shade for turquoise. nothing matches its blendability and gorgeous blue/green almost duochrome effect. guacamole is a fun, true green shade, as is lucky green, for a more yellow-based shimmery green. budding beauty is a great pink.


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I don't know what I would do without Carbon.
I normally don't like matte e/s, but I use this one so much! I have black hair as well and use it to full in my eyebrows, as a liner sometimes and most often as just an eyeshadow. It is amazing for smokey eyes and I use it in my outside crease all the time, even for day looks.


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Its Mulch for me, I dont know what I would do without it. Im dark skinned so it works like more of neautral for me.

I also cant live without Carbon, Retrospeck, Expensive Pink and Tempting


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I am an NW20, Blonde/Blue and my most used shadows are:
Nylon - GREAT highlighter
Expensive Pink - Beautiful neutral
Coppering & Goldmine - Awesome colors

As far as pigments, vanilla is a must have IMO. So versatile!


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Originally Posted by maxcat
What is your skin tone?

I'm southeast asian, so I'm a tiny tiny bit darker then some of the asian ladies here.

(Added a picture just because I'm so bad at describing things)

OH! And ignore the eyes, I have brown/black eyes.

Thank you all ladies for the recommendations
I'm thinking about getting mulch and carbon, I actually looked at mulch earlier today and oh so pretty ^^
I'm also going to check Sunday Best, White Frost and Nylon, I really really need a highlighter

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