The Amazingness that is LUSH


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Does any one else use lush hair products?

I just started using the solid shampoo and Ameircan Cream conditioner about a month ago, and my hair has never felt so amazing.

Not only is it soft and shiney, but it isnt so soft that it wont hold a ponytail.


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I only use Lush product when I have a shower or a bath, also to wash my hair and condition it. I love Arabian Bright and Ultimate shine for my hair.
Indeed I'm a Lush addict so I could talk and talk about Lush products. Hahaha.


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I use pretty much every product from Lush except their hair products, but only because my hair is dyed and I have to use color safe products.

Besides MAC, Lush is my other addiction....I love it


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I love their Irresistable Bliss solid shampoo. My hair feels like the ringlets of small children after using it. Also, the Coolaulin conditioner smells like coconut with just a hint of a grandfather's pipe. I LOVE Lush.


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i have some yummy smelling Candy Fluff lush powder . my mom brought it back from england for me. i love the way it smells it also has little shimmers in it.

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