The Body Shop liquid liner (gold and bronze)


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They're budge-proof, just like Liquidlast, but come off easier when you actually want them to (use your face wash). But the reason I like them more is because they apply easier. The consistency is smoother... less goopy than Liquidlast. The brush is also much easier to work with. I can actually make an even line with these.

The colors, the metallic, the way the light plays off them... all that is a lot like Liquidlast. If you poured these into a MAC tube and told me they're new shades, I'd believe it. Basically, these are everything I love about Liquidlast but easier to use!

The one negative is the variety. As far as I know, there are only these two shades. Bummer for me because they're warm and I'm cool toned. lol. But I love them so much that I got them anyways and will figure out a way to use them.

The bronze (01 Bronze Brown) was difficult to capture. It's much prettier than in the pics. It's kind of a crushed metallic copper penny color. Not as golden as in the 1st swatch, and not as red as in the second.

The gold shade (02 Gold Dust) is a gorgeous metallic yellow gold. Gold leaf color.

If you want your own pretties, act fast because they're holiday clearance items! I got them for $5 each.



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woo thanks for this
im gna have to go get them! x


I tried these on at the store and had two perfect lines on my hand all day, no cracking, no flaking, no smudging, exactly how I think eye liners should be. However the colors are something I wouldn't wear so I did not purchase them. I really really hope they make more, actually thinking about it now, if they still have some left at the store I would definitely purchase them, especially at the clearance price.