The "I hid my haul from myself haul" Yikes


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I bought so much stuff I had to hide it from myself... Aww jeez, you all just make the habit worse!
So- Tippy blush for night, and Pretty baby Beauty powder is lovely blush for NW15 girls in the Southern spring light. If you can't see it- just wait six weeks for summer. Famous MA blurb in the new town and Country says wear pink powder on the cheeks, with just a dash of very bright pink over.
NOT a MAC MA, some one else with a different famous brand. We're so stylish!!!

And both shadow palettes to add to my collection of over a hundred colors.

Aren't the cases Gorgeous? All of them!! Quality! Making little velvet pouches to keep them from scratching, these will all be refilled and live a long time. I love fine compacts. These are good like the Stylistics ones, the make up is gone but I'll find something to put in thos cases!

A Strayin' (well, I like it) and Most Popular and the lipglasses were disappointing. The purple was clear! What fun is that? So Mimmy and She Likes Candy. But Dazzleglasses are coming!

And the medium bag.

I'm a bit old for glitter liner soI did metalic liner, the ones that won't ever come off? Blue Herizon and Molten Sol. And pink nailpolish...
And foundation, concealer, loose powder, lovely pink sparkly loose powder, cause it's Mardi Gras! And Zoomlash and four shadows from Cool Heat that were sitting around still. I loved that collection! And "Da Bling! 'cos it's pretty. A new pencil brush and two 239s (?) the ones that are flat pencil brushes.
I couldn't take it all out of the bag! My mother finally stopped by and said she knew I had the cat make up where was it? She fished it out of the back of my closet.

I can't throw away the fancy boxes. I'm in shock from this and the salesman was even more surprised, I walked in at 10:01 and gave him a typed list.

Now I need some pretty mineral stuff, like the Redhead skin finish? Anyone with NW15 have it? I'm brunette... But Brunetts is too dark.


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I know I didn't get any lipglasses because I didn't feel that they were vibrant like I thought they would be. I was eyeing fast friends and she loves candy.But I wasn't compelled enough. Anyways enjoy your goodies!!


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You had me rolling with that one about you walking in with a typed list.

But at least you knew what you wanted.