The lust manager drama that will not end


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As some of you know from the "have you ever fantazied about someone other than your SO" thread that I quit my retail job and then told the male manager that I have lusted after that I wanted to suck and fuck him dry. :hump: So now that all are caught up to speed.

I was in my old store tonight and say him after saying hi to some other people. We chit chatted (he has such a nice smile) and he seemed to want rehash what happened (I didn't). So this is how the conversation progressed...

Clitoris reaction inducing lust object (CRILO): "I would have been your boss. This could have gone so far." :huh2: What could have gone far???? I mean he is not in any way avaliable for molestation by me. I don't like that, but I do respect it.

And honestly, if I knew CRILO would have been my boss, I would have stayed. Lust aside, we do work well together, think alot alike and tend to approach situations in the same way. He has also always backed me 100% in decisions especially when I was dealing with a very difficult customer.

I know he probably didn't mean anything by it. Which is fine. I know nothing will ever come of it. But, god, I am so horny now.

I didn't ask for clarification as there were other people around and I really didn't want to know.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

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