The Makeup Show NYC


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I so wish I could go to this! Anyone here going?

Also, if you click on Exhibitors there are some new makeup line's that seem pretty cool to check out! I'll prob be checking out the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics LOL. The reasons they said they named it that is because "the first step is admitting you have a problem!" Sounds like all of us


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I'll be going w/ a friend whose a licensed ma. Never been before (I think it's the 1st one)..I also see on their website that it's makeup week (every week is makeup week for me & my credit card) in NYC & lots of places are having events which sound very interesting ev


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here's the update, I was a little disappointed, i guess because I'm a layperson, not an MA. Thought I'd learn more about application, technique. I felt a little intimidated & quite frankly most of the vendors were not very approachable or friendly. There were many informational and custom/special f-x and air-brush booths & demonstrations (which were spectacular!) but obviously not for the non-MA. Very little makeup to purchase though I was ready to spend! I wouldn't go again as this cost $40 just to get in plus begging my friend to go but for the MA i think it would be good.

Believe it or not, Mac had one of the more disappointing booths. They had about 3 15-palettes of shadows, 2 blush palettes, the new see-thru & liquid liner collections, some pigs, mixing medium, etc. I know I shouldn't expect the whole store but..the display looked pretty much like a messy vanity & when I FINALLY got to see the counter (of course they were one of the busiest--more people getting applications for PPID than anything else it seemed) the woman was nice but didn't seem too knowledgable about the products-maybe just a helper??. I bought a few things (mixing medium, a lip gelee, liquid liner & eye liner O-J, anyone heard of this?). No discount though, needed a PPID card which my licensed friend doesn't have?!?!?

The best displays were from Il Makaige who gave out samples, encouraged people to come over, had demonstrations, etc & Crown brushes (don't remember who recommended them here but WOW, I bought about 10 different brushes for $45 & they seem good quality.

As someone who usually lurks & rarely posts, sorry for the long-winded story!

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