The most beloved brush..the 187!


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Ok so I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 187.. especially for iridescent pressed powders and MSF's.. but I just discovered it for foundation! I know a lot of you use it for this.. but I have a question..
Ok so no matter what brush I use in the morning to distribute liquids.. I always clean them real quick right after I use them and set them to dry. I've been using my 187 for liquid foundation lately, but it's not dry when I grab it for my MSF's, blush, etc. Anyone else have this problem? Do you just have 2 187's.. or the 187 and the 188..? Or do you just deal with it??


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I love the 187! I've also always used it for MSF only but I've been using it for foundation too recently (OMG why on earth didnt i do that sooner?!) I do happen to have two_One regular and one from the holiday collection (Such a good investment :p)

I just don't like the thought of using a brush on something like MSF that is wet :/ Hth?


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I have three, and use one for powders, and then the other two trade out being cleaned/used...


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I love the 187 brush! I got one over a year ago in a holiday set, but started using it for liquid foundation only 2 weeks ago. It gives a very natural finish.

I don't understand why I didn't use it before. I'm now even doubting to buy the regular size. Expensive though, but I think you've convinced me that it's okay to have 2


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I use the Sephora Pro Stippling, same brush.....I use the synthetic bristles in foundation lightly-and don't load the brush...and then I bear down on the boar hairs for powder-that part is totally dry if I used the foundation slowly and sparingly.


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I have 2 187s, but like someone previously mentioned, you could use the 188 for blush and precise powder application.


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I have one 187 but am now hoping to get a 188 for my msf, so then i will use 187 for foundation and 188 for msf


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I have (2) #188s for foundations. They are a bit more precise for foundation application, IMO.

Additionally, I have (3) #187s. One for blush, one for shimmer/highlight and one for powder.



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ok.. i just bought the 187 (yes, in love with it too
) & the 188 also.. but the 188 seemed toooo small for blush OR foundation use.. SO i'd recommend another 187
.. but does 188 expand? i guess my best bet would be to try it for both uses right? lol duh.. but can i still return it? i mean its only liike 8 bux cheaper.. maybe i shoulda started a thread lol


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i have a brush cleaner by lise watier that dries instantly. i use that to switch from foundation to powder/MSF. i think it's only available in canada though..


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Using a brush cleanser will help it dry much faster than washing it with shampoo & water, so if you don't want to get a second 187, I'd try that.


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i just have 1 187 but i really want to purchase another 187 and 188 as well.

i have no choice but to alternate from using liquid and powder products. ugh.

i think i'll go out and purchase them today, in fact.

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