The water's RED!


I got my hair coloured about 2 weeks ago and everytime I wash my head I still red RED foam and RED water! It's driving me nuts. The red's all over my towel too. My hairdresser said it's normal. But 2 weeks?! Help!


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Yup its normal...I'm getting used to it because I colour my hair too much....Try to use a black towel or maybe a color safe shampoo!


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Actually I judge that it is time to color my hair again by the time that it doesn't run red,.. My hairdresser also tells me that red in particular does this,.. something about not adhering to the root of the hair as well,... I take showers at night so that my work clothes etc stay red free,...


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i have the same problem. red either goes out in a month or goes blonde on me. ew!


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I know it's all part of the pains of beauty, but the whole hair dye bleeding thing really annoys me. I have been dyeing my hair black for years now, and have had to buy almost exclusively blue towels and sheets. Some of my old lighter sheets have a nice blue splotch where my head fits, because even when I sweat during the night the color bleeds.

This was particularly difficult when I went to visit my boyfriend's parents who have all white sheets and towels. I had to wake up before everyone else to bleach all the blue out of the pristine linens, hehe.


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Hair dye runs in the shower for a long time, and GlitterGoddess is right. By the time it stops running, you'll usually want to redye it as it will have lost it's vibrant colour and gloss. Red is the HARDEST colour to maintain. It has such high pigmentation that the hair cant hold on to it as well, since the cuticle gets damaged through dyeing. Look for Redken colour condition in a red squeeze tube. It doesnt just protect colour, there's dye in the shampoo to add colour back in. Sun also kills colour so wear a scarf or hat if you're out.


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My hair dresser also told me that you lose any reddish color in your hair faster when you leave conditioner in your hair for more than several seconds....(I hope you know what I mean! Its 9.27 a.m. over here and I just got up and I'm not able to write english that good at this time

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