They ate too much turkey!!


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my little babies were tuckered out today... they are two of three. not sure where my fat black cat was!!!



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LOL! That's so cute!

If you find you still have more turkey left over than they can manage there are some great turkey leftover recipes here


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Originally Posted by Juneplum
awww.. how cute! the one draped over the cushion is too funny!

shes a riot. shes so bad tho, but shes soooooo cute that i cant be mad at her at all. shes my baby and not even a year yet. shes like a dog. she plays fetch, eats everything she can find. after i cook if i forget to cover things, shes on the stove eating it all. oooo i get so mad!!! but then she gets all lovey and just throws herself on me. i love her to death.

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