Think I could get this exchanged?


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Mods if this isn't in the right section, sorry!

I got a 187 brush for my birthday (The 14th of Jan) and just recently I realized that my handle is REALLY loose (Like I can turn it around in a circle, the metal part isn't holding it or whatever, or if i kinda move it side to side, the metal part moves) and I've never had a problem with any of my other MAC brushes. And I'm really scared it's going to break. Thing is, my mom threw out her reciept when she got it for me.

Think I'd be able to exchange it? I don't wanna bring it in, and get all embarrassed if they're like "Yeaah, you cant exchange that"

I'm just kinda nervous cuz I've never brought anything back to MAC


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Their receipt says that it's needed for an exchange or refund, but I would call and ask. Doesn't hurt to ask.


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Where did she get it from? I'm sure they would exchange it. I would ask the manager. If they are difficult and say no, then email MAC's customer service (or the customer service of the store she bought it from ie Nordies, Macys, etc).


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I’m all about technology, so,
1. Did she use a debit or credit card? If so, she can go online and print out the “unbilled activity” or her statement. Blacken out the info she wants to keep private and you can present it to the store as proof of purchase.

2. This is a long shot, but maybe the MA will remember the purchase? This was just a few weeks ago and some people have a good memory for faces. I can’t always remember someone’s name but I can remember their face.

And remember to always present yourself w/a smile and pleasing manner – a lot of the time SA will forego strict store policies because of a customer’s friendliness. I know it’s worked for me.

These are just a couple of suggestions….HTH


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Ive returned one thing without a recipt but i knew the MA so im preety shure that helped. lol

its worth a shot


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Wewt they let me return it
They kept asking me if I washed it yet since it was so wobbly, and i was like noo Ive barely even used it :sob:

They were so nice I ended up buying a new blacktrack even though I didnt really intend on buying any makeup today