This Weekend's Excersion


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I am dragging my bf and my daughter (she's 9), and we're gonna hit up a few places for budget makeup.

First, I'm hitting the CCO in Off 5th @ Arundel Mills Mall (for all my ladies in the DMV) to see what MAC goodies I can find. (I'm about to send off my MAC Pro App)

Then, I'm hitting:

Target (Sonia Kachuk and ELF)
Rite Aid (NYC Bronzer for $2.99)
Dollar Tree (See what treasures I can find and MAYBE some more HIP blushes?!?!)
Walmart (I'm going to LOOK at the Hard Candy makeup although I haven't seen many good reviews.)

Where else should I go? What other inexpensive makeup finds should I check out?

I'm using this as my fix because I'm surprising my daughter (who is in love with all things fashion) with a trip right after Christmas to NYC for 5 days (4 nights). We leave Dec 30 and come back Jan 3, so you ladies KNOW I'm going to hit the MAC Pro store while I'm there!!!

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