Thoughts on D'Bohemia?


Hey kids!

I was hoping people would post their thoughts on the new colours after seeing them in real life...

As usual, I have some questions:

- How close are d'Bohemia eye shadow and Paradisco?

- How bright is Deck Chair pigment? How does it compare to Melon pigment?



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The second question is answered on the thread "Clear Pics of D'Bohemia",... Since the D'bohemia main pic is that shadow, I am all for it,.. seems to be much more orangey-not nearly as shimmery?


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D'Bohemia e/s is way brighter/more orange than Paradisco. The texture is also not so bad for a Lustre -- it goes on bright and pigmented (but still a bit crumbly). Lots of sparkle in this one.. very pretty

Oceanique had a very unusual green cast to it, which I didn't expect. Prose & Fancy e/s is a green-teal that went beautifully with D'Bohemia, but was sort of flat on it's own. I expected to want this, but in the end I didn't buy it.

The pigments are all very, very sheer. Deckchair doesn't go on anything like the orange it appears in the container. It's a sheer, shimmery pale peach, not gold like Melon.

In general, this collection was way too warm for me, with the exception of Retrodaze(?) l/s, which is the only thing I bought
It's so pretty and sparkly and glossy and pink! I'm not even sure how it snuck it's way into this collection...

Oh, and the coral-colored lipglass was gorgeous! I can't remember the name (Beaute, maybe), but if I were one to wear bright coral lipgloss (or if I liked lipglass at all) I'd have bought two