threading in walnut creek, ca area!


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so i have tried to search for an answer to this countless times, on here, google, yelp. ECT..

I need a great eyebrow threading place (affordable please!) in or near Walnut Creek, CA...PLEASE

i had my brows threaded in SO CAL and am in love, but have not been able to find a great, and affordable place to go

I found one place in antioch so far(like 20 min drive :/ ) but its like $15

would appreciate any help at all, and i am sorry if this is posted somewhere else...if so please direct me to it!

BTW first post ever!!!




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I'm trying to find some places out here as well. Where in Antioch? That's actually my neck of the woods and would like to check it out.


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Oh! I found this cool place in antioch... Named " stunners n smashers" they have one in brentwood too......................... Ask for Shareen.(she is the best) they charge $15 the first time and then its $10 .. check it out

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