Tinton Falls, NJ CCO (Jersey Shore Premium Outlets)


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YAY! Another new CCO!!

I'm soooo excited for this one too! I have a lot of family in NJ so it wouldn't be too hard for me to make a trip over there!

This is grrrrrrrrreaaaat... Tanger at Riverhead AND Deer Park, Woodbury, VT & PA DURING THE SNOWBOARDING SEASON!!!!!!! (
), and noooooooooow.. NJ!!!!

Oh gosh. I am just so happy


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Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

I'm taking this from a LJ post. The user name is cuteredhed. She said....

they had a couple racks of MAC there....

lots of facial products in terms of lotions and skincare

msf natural in light, light medium and mediumdark
msf in warmed
both of the nords colour form powders
trip fluidline sets one in earthy tones (dipdown, sweet sage and a 209se) and macroviolet, blacktrack adn the 209se
a bunch of blushes
about 12 piggies
about 20 eyeshadows, nothing too exciting, a lot of matte2
some nailpolishes
studio fix in random colors
2 studio mist blushes
both neo sci fi bronzers


a couple richmetal highlighters
a bunch of fluidlines, uppity brassy dipdown blacktrack sweet sage waveline
i forgot to look for eyeliners which pissed me off bc i wanted some

i think thats really it. they had the basic red brush set from colour forms and an heirloom brush set as well as the peach lippie set from last winter

and the fafi dolls (big whoop).

Soooo.. it seems like they have a nice selection! Update us ladies
Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

Just got back from there- what a mad house!

I was a little dissapointed with the selection, but it wasn't too bad, managed to buy a few things!

They had:
-Fix+ (old packaging)
-charged water
-various other face products
-msf natural in light, light medium and mediumdark
-msf in warmed
-2 nords colour form powders
-2 neo sci fi bronzers
-fluidline sets, as well as other fluidlines (black track, sweet sage, dip down)
-some powder blushes/cream blushes
-about 12 pigments including lovely lily, your ladyship, lark about, jewelmarine
-about 6 nail polishes
-a few studio fix's
-about 12 eyeshadows including poison pen, shimmermoss, freshwater, shore leave, pen n pink, and clarity
-2 studio mist blushes
-2 or 3 richmetal highlighters
-3 brush sets
-1 lip set from the last holiday collection
-softsparkle pencil set from last holiday collection (only had one left though)
-different makeup bags, including fafi ones
-fafi dolls

No eyeliners, mascaras, single brushes, paints, shadesticks, lipsticks, or lip glosses though :-/


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Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

I went to this CCO on Friday and here is what I noted they have:
About 6 fluidlines (brassy, shade, blitz and glitz and about 3 others).
Fluidline set (I only saw the one with the dip down and sweet sage)
MSF in warmed
MSF Natural in 3 colors
Richmetal highlighters (quick flash, positive charge,dark influence and another 3 or so colors).
About 12 eyeshadows (sumptous olive, poisen pen, and about 10 more)
False eyelashes
Electroflash duos (love connection, fresh green mix and two to glow)
7 blushes (I don't know what colors they had and I didn't really look at these other than to note how many they had)
Neo Sci Fi bronzing powder
5 or so Nail polishes
10-12 pigments (your ladyship, jardin aires, tea time, jewelmarine and about another 6-8 colors
Fafi dolls
Brush sets
3 or so Studio fixs
2 Colourform powders
A LOT of face stuff
NO lip ANYTHING (the lady in the store said they would be having their lip items in 3 weeks or so).

P.S. I know some of this stuff is just a repeat but I wanted to get my whole list down before I lost it.

P.S.S. I will post what I purchased on the Hauls thread


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Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

I went to this outlet on Black Friday and they had some new items in. They now had lip items including liners, lipsticks and even about 3-4 dazzleglasses. They also now had paint pots in about 3 or so colors. Also lip conditioners and a couple of brushes as well (266, 208 and another eye brush).


Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

I cant wait to go. hopefully they have somethings that i want. thanx for posting what they had


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Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

I went yesterday..
I only picked up a few things, but I'll be going back this week (more than I should
) It's only 20 mins from me!!!

reflects gold glitter
3d copper glitter
goldstroke pigment
Two to Glow eyeshadow duo
bare study paint pot

I'm not a MU but I'm learning lots about color placement,techniques and color combos

I spoke to the sales associate there and she said they would be getting lots of bew things(MAC) all week..


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Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

I'm SOOOOO happy they put one in Jersey, and only 30 min away from me!! the first one I went to was the one out in vegas, and i fell in love!! I'm going next friday to this one i can't wait to see what they have!!!!!


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Re: Tinton Falls, NJ *NEW CCO*

My sister and I went on the 19th (she's my bff)

I picked up:
3 brush sets
Graphology E/S
Signed Sealed E/S
Starflash E/S
Bateau Lustreglass
Clear Brow Finisher

Just an FYI...the cco is close to the Gap store. It's in the same area as Timberland, guess and juicy couture..( this might make locating it a bit easier). I'll be going again next week too

Just an FYI...the cco is close to the Gap store. It's in the same area as Timberland, guess and juicy couture..( this might make locating it a bit easier). I'll be going again next week



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Went there today... very large selection! I can't even begin to list out what they have, but I'll do my best at a brief summary

Moonbathe e/s collection
Starflash e/s (Top Hat, Mink and Sable, Dreammaker, etc)
Fafi stuff
Tons of other e/s (Aquadisiac, Cool Heat, Climate Blue... those are ones I got)
Sea & Sky MES

Other MES
Studio foundation
Studio touch up stick concealers
Studio Tech powders
Different e/s palattes
Brow powder sets
Some glitterliners
3-4 different paint pots
Jar full of different paints
2 jars full of eyeliner pencils

So much more I am probably forgetting, I only tend to remember what I buy, heh.

As a warning, there's one lady that strictly enforces the "3 limit" rule. She got rather short with me today when I walked up with 4 shadows and made me put one back. See, the problem is that I had the rule explained to me as "no more than 3 of the same color" AND less than a month ago I bought 4 e/s at a time at this same CCO. I told her this and she then accused me of lying to her and said without a receipt she wouldn't believe me. Well, I am not about to rat out the employee that sold me 4, and I don't keep receipts around, so I just... yeah. I dunno, kinda frustrating that the rule isn't enforced the same across all CCOs (I've bought 7 e/s at once at other ones in different states), and even by all the employees at the same store. Not a loss that I had to put a shadow back, more just annoyed by the unequal rule enforcement, and different intreptations of the rule (3 of color/3 of item/etc)

So as a warning if you go, and want more than 3 of something similar, bring a friend/husband/boyfriend to split the haul with. I'll only be going back with my husband, haha.


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wait you can only get three items at a time or 3 of the same thing at a time... or just 3 eyeshadows.. i don't get it, but that's retarted. aren't they trying to get rid of these things- like isn't that the whole reason they're there??


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3 of the same type of item (so 3 mascaras, or 3 eyeshadows, or 3 lipsticks for example)... sorry I didn't clarify
It's a confusing rule! You also can't spend over $300 in a day, too.

I was able to get 3 "normal" eyeshadows, and a mineralized one, though. Probably only because the mineralized ones are a lot bigger...


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if someone goes back to this store can someone do a CP for me i need Sea & sky MES i got paypal please let me know if anyone decides to go here please


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If I go soon, I'll get one. But I am not making any promises
I am trying to avoid buying MAC for awhile. But I will definitely let you know.


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Originally Posted by hello_my_apple
crap, im in north jersey 15 mins form NYCity. well i guess i'll be making a trip to the shore earlier this year!

I'm from north jersey too.. 20 mins from the GWB.
The CCO at Woodbury outlets in upstate NY is probably closer to you than this CCO if u ever head up there.


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They have some of the holiday stuff at this one now...
Smokey eye palette
a bunch of brush sets
Fafi stuff still
pretty much the same as the op said...
I got the last Sea&Sky today though!

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