tiny GBNF Haul!


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Ok I haven't bought anything from MAC in a while. I think the last thing I bought was one of those lip tints from Love That Look. So someone posted about ordering Spiced Chocolate from Gone But Not Forgotten, so I had to see if they still had them! Well they did, & mine got here today!
I don't want to use it yet though lol. Here are a couple of pics:





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It's so gorgeous! I saw that post also and I also ordered one through the Gone But Not Forgotten Program. My quad arrived last Thursday. Enjoy!


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I'm still trying to figure out how to use this quad, but I love it so much! Enjoy!


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The quads are the retail price + tax and shipping I think s/h is like $5 ....you just call them and tell them the LE items you are looking for they find them and bill your credit card and ship it to you

Corporate Gone But Not Forgotten program at 1-800-216-7173. That team will be happy to assist in a search and may be able to locate any discontinued products for you. They are there between the hours of 9am-5pm (EST) Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm (EST) Fridays