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Tips for effective make-up whilst wearing glasses [request]


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Ugh... that's the worst, especially when you've gotten used to doing your makeup and then have to change it to suit your glasses


Thanks so much for posting this...! I just bought new makeup in the hopes that I'll be able to put some of this to use!


I wear bright blue glasses. They completely bring attention to my eyes. When choosing glasses, you should choose something that brings out your eyes. My blue glasses make my blue eyes look amazing. Plus, wearing bright colored eyeshadows that contrast with my bright glasses really stand out!


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thks for good suggestions....Finally, do your makeup as you would go to a party at night as well because of the less light and shadows you have behind your frames. You do emphasize your makeup with cool tones, dark tones and bright tones.


Awesome! I just started wearing glasses recently, and they're such cute frames but I definitely felt like working on the eyes was going to waste. Hopefully not anymore


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I'm so glad I read this. I just started really being into makeup, and sometimes I questioned myself if it was worth it all because of my glasses.

Now I know I'm not alone.

I'm getting new glasses soon, so hopefully I can find a pair that suits my face, but will also allow me to show off my makeup!


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I like clean lines behind my glasses, and I definitely agree that light colours are good - I've seen people wear heavy smokey eyes with glasses and that really backfires sometimes, especially if the frames are a little tame. I often think that my glasses can make a look that works without them look like I applied the stuff with a trowel.

I absolutely agree that eyebrows are more important than ever when wearing glasses, too.

I have stark, black frames, and my daily eye make-up routine consists of neutral cream eyeshadows as a base (Painterly on lid, Bare Canvas as a highlighter), taupe, beige or grey shadow applied very softly in the crease, winged black liquid liner and strong eyebrows. Very clean and simple, defines my eyes and plays nicely with the frames.


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Just for the record: half frames/light frame glasses are also great for make-up. I have small eyes AND I'm blind as a bat, so I have to wear my glasses constantly. I noticed as soon as I got square half-frame glasses in a more neutral color, it REALLY made my make-up pop. Two reasons: one, the wide, square frames even out my long, oval face a bit, and two, there's next to no frame to get in the way of your make-up.


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This is brilliant, thank you so much!

I figured out the lash curling trick myself but I will try that edge of the eye stuff.



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THANK YOU. i had issues where i couldn't wear contacts for a while. now i just end up wearing my glasses a lot and going to try some of these tips!


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Great tips!!! I always wondered why my carefully applied makeup would sometimes look blah as soon as I put my glasses on.