To all ex MAC employees what made you leave? Would really like to know thanks!


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So sometimes I overhear a conversation when someone says they used to work for MAC. I would really like to know what made them leave? Does MAC fire people alot? All responses would be greatly appreciated.....


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People leave MAC for the same reasons that everyone else leaves their jobs for.

They get new job offers, devoting more time to family, school, and want to pursue other things. MAC does not make a habit of firing people. The turnover is low and people work there a long time. It's a good job that works very hard to take care of its employees.

My personal reasons for leaving the first time was scheduling reasons. Even now being back with MAC, it is tricky because the schedule is not easy for me wanting to finish school and continue pursuing theatre.


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One of the part timers of my counter is leaving due to schedule conflicts. She also has a full time job so everything is getting a little too overwhelming for her so she decided to leave mac to have more personal time.
I know that most people that quit are part-timers that can't balance a regular full time plus MAC. MAC its not a job for you to do part time.... they will require your commitment and dedication just like a full time job would. It's not cut out for everyone.... you have to really want it!


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I have never been employed by MAC but this thread does kinda relate to me. I had an interview recently for a full time perm position but I'm starting Makeup school part time which is 1 day per week. The perm position is only 4 days a week but when I told the manager about me going to school for 1 day per week, she didn't seem to like it. I didn't think it would be a problem but its retail and they want you to be available 7 days a week even though the specific hours/days might not be in your contract. Its hard keeping a balance and at the end of the day MAC is a business and if you can't meet the needs of a business then the job probably isn't for you. Its a shame because I would like to work there.


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I quit because I felt like I was being held back. They rushed me through all the certifications within the first year and then left me hanging out for the next 3. I had a lot of great opportunities outside of MAC, and my trainers didn't like that very much. Also, the schedule thing is not a joke, whether you work 10 hours a week or 30, that counter owns you. Any shifts, any days, and they reserve the right to tell you, "oh, well it's not confirmed yet, so don't plan anything", up to and including that week. So forget trying to work around your MAC schedule to be a real makeup artist. They don't want you to be one, and they're not going to help you.


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Thats exactly what happened with me passed all of my certifications on the first try within my first year, became product specialist, was the top seller at my counter, but yet didn't get a promotion. I interviewed for assistant manager and even third key couldn't get either one. With MAC there is so much shadiness going on but honestly that's everywhere. I learned so much and I can take that knowledge anywhere.

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