To all my Montreal people!


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Hello my lovelies!

If anybody from Montreal, or anywhere near it, wanna chat, shop and share infos/stuff, just holla at me

French or english


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same here.... Montreal!
Whats up with Jean Coutus ditching NYX? Im on the hunt for it everywhere and managed to locate various items around town. Did you guys see any drugstore that carry the line? If so, posted it here.
So far
Uniprix Cote Vertu has es and lipliners
Metro Fabre JC Carries the jumbo pencils, glosses and es
Uniprix Plaza Pointe Claire has a few Jumbo Pencils and a few ES.

There, that broke the ice!


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Yay Montrealers!
Montreal has a ton of warehouse sales for us, so we can go crazy! Which I do =) Too bad the MAC sale is in the Toronto area, but it gives you a reason to visit there =)

ra123, did you look at the NYX website?


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Anyone going to the Marcelle/Annabelle w/s sale? Any new sales coming up? L'oreal always leaves me broke, but I have also heard of a Guerlain one. Any info on it?

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