Toilet brands - recommendations!


So we are having a renovation work done including replacing our entire old main bathroom and and small downstairs toilet - Want to go for well known brands in terms of toilets, but for the downstairs toilet, we don't want anything too flash so a close coupled toilet is what we're leaning towards - Any recommendations as to what brands and model to go for?
Want something that's going to be reliable in terms of the internals and good quality overall without going over £300 or so? For the main bathroom upstairs, we were thinking of having a wall hung toilet - but the only thing with this is what if something goes wrong in the cistern - would this then involve a nightmare job in accessing whatever is faulty? Also any recommendations as to any particular brands or models to go for - willing to spend a fair bit more on this toilet upstairs.


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I use WOODBRIDGE T-0019. Its best features are the the all in one, sleek and space saving design, and the powerful yet water efficient flushing mechanism. This toilet comes complete with all parts for installation, and the all in one design of the unit combined with a tank size that is smaller than the average means this model is compact enough to fit in any size of bathroom, however small.