Too casual for prom?


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I've been told by people that this high-low dress i got is too casual for prom,
but i really dont want to get one of those long gowns. Opinions?


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What they are really saying is that the dress is too casual for them. Personally I think the dress is just fine. Wear what you love and love what you wear.


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Some of my friends love to wear highly elegant dress in prom and make themselves ridiculous. There is no problem wearing elegant dress but all i want to say that we need to wear such a dress that would suit to our overall personality.


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for me high-low dress is absolutely elegant. I love it and I think it makes you look gorgeous


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this high-low style is well for any prom events,they say it 's too casual,may be the color?

i bought this dress online,i personally think that it much nice than your...


Hmm. At my prom (2012 so not that long ago) more girls opted for the shorter dresses, so you're not alone with wanting to wear a dress like that! Prom is all about having fun & dancing and partying with your HS friends. Why would you do that in a stuffy big dress that'll probably cost a fortune??? All that being said, maybe you should go bigger on the hair (obviously the pic you posted is not the final look, like hair & makeup and all) BUT omg if you got yourself a professional blowout and some tall, hot shoes - you'll def steal the show!!


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Not what I envision when you say "prom dress," and high-low isn't my personal style, but it is a pretty dress and looks great on you! If YOU feel confident in it and want to wear it to your prom, DO IT!


It's casual for them because it didn't look good for they eyes. As long as your comfortable your slaying. Cheers!

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