Too many monochrome e/s! Need "weird" colors!


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Hey all! Since receiving my Yaby palettes, and with a 120 palette on the way from Hong Kong, I KNOW I'll have more than enough monochrome/"straight" colors...enough to last me a lifetime of everyday experimentation. All my pro palettes of cream colors, aquacolors, eyeshadows, etc. from Mehron, Kryolan, Ben Nye, etc., are also all monochromes.

I'm really interesting in re-starting my MAC collection (I have about 15 or so eyeshadows), as well as stock up on a little more NARS e/s duos. But I really, really want shades that have duochrome, interesting reflects or particles/inclusions (like glitter). I need shadows that aren't just straightforward single colors! Mostly powder, but creams are o.k. too.

So please help me out. MAC, NARS, or other quality brands. (For instance, I love MAC's Vex and Idol Eyes because they both look neutral/greyish in the pan but have a rainbow of subtle colors reflecting back.)


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ok here are some 'weird' colours for you!

tilt - bluey, grey, purpley pink depending on what base you use!
club - brown but under a greeny dark base it flashes a wicked green colour
pink pearl pigment (pro only maybe) - pinky, purple, blue! freaking amazing and a person fave!
vellum - looks white but it goes on purple, pinky, blue with white depending on what other shadows you are wearing.
pink opal pigment - looks creamy but flashes a pretty pink colour - great for cheeks as well as eyes!


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Blue/Brown Pigment - MAC: this one, I don't know, sometimes its more blue, sometimes brown..I like it.

Green/Brown Pigment- I find this one is more brown and for me, I have to work it a bit (I'm NW20) and on my lighter skin, it can be a bit muddy.

Stars N Rockets e/s is a nice pinky purple.

Old Gold Pigment, Pink Pearl Pigment(PRO) are nice too.

I find that you get a better duochrome payoff when the colors are over a darker base. I use primarily MAC items.. so Sharkskin shadestick or even artjam paint.

Then of course you have the "reflects" glitters that have alot of uses, reflects blue, reflects red, etc..


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Some great duochromes from MAC are stars and rockets (pink pearl is the same color), tilt, expensive pink, and club.


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Motif - peachy with pinky/purpleish dupchrome
stars and rockets- bright purple with blue duo chrome
club- greyish brownish with green duochrome
Trax- deep purple with gold/ copper glitter

Old Golf piment- gold with green
Green Brown pigment
Blue Brown pigment

night porter or any of the "night" series by Nars . They are black with a lot of diff. coloured glitter in it (like beauty marked, but better). Night porter is black w/ green. There are some with red, blue and gold I believe.


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Seedy Pearl and Stars N' Rockets (wear them together!) are my two favorite eyeshadows at the moment.


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i agree with all the others and would like to add Pink Bronze pigment to the list


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smashbox came out with this eye shadow palette that changes the color of your eye shadow if you put it over it. Sebastian's makeup line Trucco used to have one called angel holographic eyeshadow that was basically the same thing


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I actually JUST bought the Trucco eyes/lips set on eBay! I'm so excited.

Thanks to everyone else, too. I've always wanted NARS' Night series but I passed on those for now and got all the Too Faced Galaxy Glam, plus pro refill pans of the MAC e/s that were suggested. They're in the mail right now, yay!! Thanks a bunch!


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Bah I bought all of the Too Faced galaxy series but they're just sitting there collecting dust. I think I just hate the screw-top jar they come in.


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you need to try some of the Pure Luxe & Fyrinnae loose pigments. They are really cheap to buy in sample sizes ($1 each) and both lines have ranges of duochromes and incandescent as well as some very sparkly colours. I just got a cool colour called Hypercool (black with aqua sparkle) from Fyrinnae that I love - but there is tonnes to choose from, and for $20 you can stock up on obsure stuff - because the samples sizes are quite generous and definitely adequate for colours that you aren't going to use every day!
They do take a little work (mixing medium and sticky bases) to ensure lasting and minimise fall out, but very worth it as far as I am concerned.

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