Too old to start?


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Do you think there's an age-limit to starting in this industry? (Especially considering the age-ism prevalent in the beauty field, but also just as a matter of the unreliability of steady work necessarily making it a 'young man's game'?)

Do you think it differs between bridal/event, salon work, photography, film, theatre, special fx?

How old were you when you started seriously pursuing a career as a MUA?


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Hm, I'm not in the MU industry, but I can tell you that I have seen older MUAs working at counters back home. But I usually find them working with skincare based brands.


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You're never to young to start anything. Follow you heart & dreams & you can accomplish anything.


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i honestly dont see why there would be an age limit.. i see lots of older women working at makeup counters.. epescially at YSL, Chanel, bobbi Brown and clinique

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