Total Girlie (A Shop Your Stash Look)


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This look is a Shop Your Stash look, I figured I rarely ever do pink eye looks anymore so why not break it all out today?

You need:
Eyeshadows-Lancome Makeover, Lancome Kitten Heel, MAC Pink Freeze, MAC Solar White (or Crystal Avalanche)
Pigments-Helium, Pink Pearl
Glitter-Reflects Very Pink
Liner-MAC Pinkcraft Liquidlast, Too Faced Super Freak (Starry Liner)
MSF-Northern Light
Shimmer-Mark Crystal Shimmer in Nymphette (discontinued...)
Your mascara of choice
Lipglass-Pink Grapefruit, Silly Girl

Step 1: After you have cleansed and moisturized like normal, put yer mascara on. Today it's Clinique High Impact since my High Definition is missing.
Step 2: Take your 252, or whatever you use to pack the shadow on, and pack on Makeover (a pretty shimmery pink) to the crease. Take your 212 or whatever liner brush you use and then make sure you really get it down to the lash line.
Step 3: Your outer colour of choice is going to be Kitten Heel, a reddish gold (SO pretty). Take it and put it on the outer third of the lash, or if you are unlike me and you can actually do outer V, do it there.
Step 4: Take any random brush and blend Pink Freeze into the inner corner. The point is for it to be stark there.
Step 5: Now use whatever brush necessary to apply Solar White or Crystal Avalanche from the crease to the brow.
Step 6: Take your 217, tap it on the plastic insert of the Pink Pearl pigment, and then blend that baby into your crease.
Step 7: Take the Crystal Shimmer and pat it over the crease and onto the outermost part of the shadow. If it looks ultra-shimmery, you did it right.
Step 8: No pink look is complete without Helium. Got it? Good. Take a 217 or another brush and after lightly tapping it on the lid, blend it over the Solar White and down to the crease. Don't blend too much there though!
Step 9: It's liner time! Take Pinkcraft and line your upper lash line with it, then take Super Freak and do the lowers.
Step 10: Because there can be gaps on the glitter line and I like a full glittery line, I use my 212 and dip it in the Reflects Very Pink and gently pat it on while the glitter line is still wet. The liner helps the glitter adhere a lot better IMO.
Step 11: Now moving onto the face...first things first is to use Northern Light as a blusher-take your blush brush and apply up and out with a circular motion.
Step 12: I have a mixture I have made of about 3 parts Helium pigment to 2 parts Pink Pearl pigment and it is amazing-I use it over whatever blush I am wearing to give me shine, or if I'm not feeling like also wearing a blush it'd look good too. Anyways I apply that over the blush/bronzer and it amps up any look.
Step 13: Finally for the lips, I applied Sci-Fi-Delity lipstick with Silly Girl and Pink Grapefruit Lipglasses over it. For the hair, I didn't really do a whole lot. Just a smidge of Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream and then three spritzes of Fekkai Root Lifter spray.

(apologies for the fish lips but my teeth were looking WAY yellow so it is better than a pout...)




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Yeah I like how the eyes turned out in it, they're striking enough for work. I'm lucky in that I can wear almost any makeup to work, so this is how I will be going tonight.