Trend Report: Autumn/Winter 2011


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New York Fashion week for Autumn/Winter 2011 ended in August of this year. Fashionistas and trend spotters have had time to make their final assumptions on what trends will be emerging for us. We're just entering into fall, so I wanted to share the forecast with you guys! I'm really excited about alot of the upcoming stuff.

Designers to watch:
-Gareth Pugh (Ger-eth Pew)
-Herve Leger (Air-vay Lej-air)
-Rag and Bone
-Rodarte (Row-DART)

Key words for inspiration: Simple, angular, sci-fi, futuristic, experimental.

It’s hip to be square this season—or rectangular, or octagonal, or trapezoidal. In fact, the more shapes the better according to design houses like Balenciaga and Celine, which turned to YSL for geometric inspiration when it came time to build their fall collections. When summer ends, expect to find sharp angles on enough shoes and bags to fill a museum-sized cube.

Wardrobe staples:
-Oversized furry parka or cropped jacket
-Detective trench coat
-1960's mini shift dress (to be paired with tights, a boxy cropped jacket and kitten heels)

Colors and prints:
-All Beige
-All Black
-All lipstick red
-Animal prints
-HUGE graphic prints, like...I don't even know how to explain. The pattern or print wouldnt even repeat itself on the same garment, it would basically define the garment.
-Polka dots (in ways you have never seen before...dyed onto furs, on everything from hats to hosiery)

-Soft leather
-Metal, studs, glints of jewels embedded into clothing
-Wool (but not that old itchy stuff)
-Furs (dyed in vibrant and strange colors)

-Dominatrix and biker inspired

-1960's Mod chic: Mad Men may be the only show whose absence can’t detract from its influence. A ’60s vibe is seeping onto runways. Catch the premiere of Christian Ricci’s new show, Pan Am, for a modern update on the decade’s classic silhouettes.

-Suits: Forget boyfriend jeans and button-down shirts: This season’s borrow-from-the-boys trend demands a gifted tailor. Tuxedo pants on girls are in.

-Victorian: High necks, ruffles, lace.

Makeup trends this season:

-Kim Kardashian inspired "feather" or "spider" lashes...heavy on both top and bottom lashes. Think about stacking two false lashes on top of each other, then applying them, one pair that is extra long and sparse and another that is thick and short. Wear a demure set of false lashes on your lower lash line too.
-Thick brows.
-Heavy scuplting and highlighting of the face; use creams (different foundation colors) rather than powders. Blend, but it's meant to be stark and intense.
-Red lip...every color red and every finish has been seen on the runway.
-Blush on the apples of the cheeks. If you think about it, this is a rather natural look for winter time.
-Muted gray and lavender eyeshadows smoked all the way around the eye, almost up to the brow bone. Minimal mascara and a nude lip. Strange, but powerful.
-"Broken" eyeliner...a cateye look, starts in the inner corner of the eye along the lash line, stops about 1/4 of the way in and begins again at about 3/4 along the lash line. Very futuristic---not sure if this is street wearable.


-Sleek, shiny, straight. Alot of parting down the middle.
-Windswept, widely crimped or waved, all on one side of the head.

If anyone has heard anything else, please add it to the thread! I can't wait to see what trends actually get picked up!


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Ohh gawww.....check out Alexander McQueen's Autumn/Winter: <3