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Can someone recommend me good "true red" lipsticks or lipglosses, department and drug store? This pic is probably the closest to my skin tone:



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MAC's Russian Red is a super bright blue-red. If it looks pink on you, try Viva Glam I.


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I looove Chanel's Coco Red, but then I am a red lippie fanatic
Give Russian Red lipgloss a try, it has awesome color payoff for a gloss.


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my best friend uses Dubonnet with burgundy lip liner underneath. i use Rage with burgundy lip liner underneath, but i'm not thrilled with mine. hers looks true red on her. mine is still a bit dark and very slightly orangey (i would rather it be pinky than orangey)

you just have to experiment to find out!


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ruby woo w/ russian red gloss over it, viva glam I, powerhouse.

drugstore: i really like maybelline's spolied in ruby wet shine. its really glitzy.


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i love dubonnet but it might be darker than what you're looking for. revlons sparkling sangria (lipglide or something, the twist up lipstick) is a great red for almost everybody =)

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