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Thirty came and went for me and I wasnt scared to see it come and I wasn't scared after it left. I'm loving my thirties more than my twenties and I'm interested in seeing what else life has in store for me. Enjoy where you are in life. Don't worry about tomorrow and there isn't much you can do about the past.


I turned 31 on 17 May and I thought I'd be pretty wrecked, especially after my wakeup text was my little brother telling me I was now officially closer to 40 than 20. Ass.
Honestly, I'm good with it. My life is more unsettled, undecided, and in more upheaval than I've ever been, no questions asked, but I'm glad it's now when I'm a woman instead of five years ago when I was still a woman-child.

Don't sweat the years. Live young.


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I'm still in my early twenties, and I have to say I look forward to thirty. I hear from people all the time, if you do the right thing in your twenties (i.e. school or establish yourself in someway), thirty and up is a piece of cake. You know yourself and where you're going at thirty. Twenties, and I agree, is more confusing and a lot of searching. I was having a converstation with a good friend of mine who is a few years older, she's going to be 27 soon, and we were all thirty is the new twenty. As another poster said, there's more options than years ago and you don't have to be matronly once you hit thirty. I was telling me friend I'd dread forty more than thirty, because IMO forty is a weird age. It's not young, but it's not old either. It's like an odd phase of adulthood, because legally you've been adult 22 years but you're not like old. Who knows? With things like Sex and the City, and what have you, forty might be the new twenty in 10-20 years.


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I'm 27 at the mo, so a little way from 30, but I am looking forward to being 30. It doesn't phase me in the slightest and I have achieved so much in my 20s that my 30s are going to be a bit of a time to kick back a bit more and I welcome that!!

My bf turns 30 next year and he's not even bothered about it either way - he can't remember how old he is sometimes he cares that little!


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Originally Posted by katred
I was actually a little more perturbed by 35 than I was by 30, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I wasn't living the life I wanted. And it went away quick. For me, the 30s have been almost unadulterated awesome in terms of how I've come to feel about myself.

I've never felt better about my appearance. I've never felt more in control of my life. I've never been more certain of what I wanted. I've never been so confident in my abilities. Seriously, I won't say that turning 30 was a "magic bullet", but I find that all of the insecurities that plagued me when I was younger have been brought under control.

I think you have to consider, too, that being 30 is not what it used to be. There are a lot more options open to women and men in terms of the lives you want to live. My boyfriend and I routinely stay out all night with friends, watch South Park, eat cereal for supper, spend hours on line looking for exciting new music or strange and fun news to entertain us... In short, all of those irresponsible things we're supposed to have outrgown. Very few people used to do that, but it's increasingly common. other people make different choices that work for them. Social pressure to conform to one "norm" is gradually lessening.

As far as physical aging- keep active, eat a good diet, take care of your skin. We know more now about keeping our bodies healthy than we ever have and it shows. My mother at almost 70 looks younger than her mother did at 55.

Don't be afraid of the number- it's a random and meaningless dividing line.


And the chuch says "AMEN!"


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I will be 30 in October this year and somehow I look forward to it.

I am a lot more independent than I was at 20 - I have my education behind me; all the years I was at university with jobs at the weekends and parents who support you but also try to influence you in some way.

Today I earn my own money, I am responsible for myself, don't need to justify myself what I spend my money on or how I live my life.

I am "wiser" than I was at 20, life has taught me to be thankful and patient, but also tough.

I am not married and don't want children in the next few years (my special students at school need me a lot, this is enough for me right now).

So yeah, somehow I look forward to be 30 this year! I have the feeling life will start now really. And I want to make the best of it every day. At least I try.

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I'm 28 so I have another 2 years before that milestone. But I'm already looking forward to it. I spent my early 20's getting educated, establishing a career and finding an amazing man and now in my late 20's I could not be happier and more confident in my skin. It might sound weird but I feel much younger now than I did when I was 22.

It all has to do with where you are in your life vs where you want to be. Enjoy this important milestone in your life and happy early birthday


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I am loving this thread, as I'm 28 and am def getting the almost 30 blues. It's not so much the age...its where I'm at, at this age. I have no career, I am still in a job I've been in since I was 23 years old that is starting to wear on me. Theres days I just want to walk out and quit (I'm a waitress.) I struggle each day punishing myself for not doing more in my 20's. I still live in a apartment. I am often very depressed. Mostly for where I am in life, or more for where I'm not at my age. I'm trying my best to look forward and welcome 30 but its hard. And seeing some of the positive things that comes with turning 30 def helps.

I've wanted to be a singer for a long time now, and since I'm turning 30 soon I almost feel I need to just give it up. But music is too much a part of me, I just cant seem to let it go. I try to remember you are in control of your destiny. Only you can change where your life will go.


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I am 34 and have never really understood the whole "30 is a milestone" talk, or why turning 30 would be so bad. Recently I've been having some paranoid thoughts that I've not established myself and "grown up" properly, because I decided on a career change when I was 31 so I am yet again a student - I get the feeling I should have realized at 21 what is was that I wanted to do with my life. But then I think, better late than never, right? I'll be done with my new degree in less then a year, so I'll still have 30+ years in my new profession before retirement.

As far as marriage and family is concerned, I am married but have no desire for children. I wonder sometimes if I'd be more stressed about being in my 30's if I was single and wanted kids.

Very often, I feel like "youth is wasted on the young". At least that was the case with me. When I was in my teens and early 20's, I was so worried about what people thought of me, worried about everything really, that I didn't take full advantage of what life had to offer. Now I am more secure in myself, have more confidence that things will work out, that making a mistake isn't the end of the world.


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I turn 28 this year, and am already a little unhappy about the idea of turning 30 in 2 years. Like a lot of you have all said - it's mostly due to the whole idea of achieving/not achieving goals that are age related (marriage, babies, buying a house, etc.) by the time that birthday comes.

I think the reason I am not looking forward to turning 30 is that I have been dealing with (I refuse to say suffering!) mental illness (i have an anxiety disorder); I had a breakdown last summer and have been in therapy since. Breaking down shifted my life around completely - I lost independence (I had to move out of my apartment and back in with my family), I was unstable for awhile, and since being in therapy I have discovered I was basically stunted in my emotional/relationship growth (I've only ever had one boyfriend, and now I know why!). So for me, I think what i am really dreading is being single and 30 and possibly still living with my family. That all said, my mental health and staying stable is something I value far more than any relationship, and I'm saving up my money to buy a house. Who knows - by the time 30 comes, I may be excited to turn 30.


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Just a little under a month ago I turned 49, so the so called big "50" is next November. I don't mind one bit and that is the truth. I have never had a hangup about age. Let's face it...we are supposed to get older, wiser, happier, smarter, freer, and yes, we do! I would not trade now for any previous age except for certain moments, so a Ghost of Christmas past would be a lot of fun, but I want to be me now, in the present time. It isn't necessary or healthy to measure your life by milestones. Instead take one day at a time and treasure it up. What is meant to happen will happen in due time and the rest simply falls into place. The majority of women are marrying and having children much later in life (well into their 30's and even 40's) and lifestyles, goals, etc. are shifting. Believe me, when you are 49 you still feel like you. I feel like me when I was 20, but wiser. I feel like me when I was 30, but with more experience behind me. I feel like me when I was 40 but with way more makeup. Hehehe.... The best parts about being older is that you shed your childishness and embrace the things that really count without losing your enthusiasm. Keep smiling, let the years pass, embrace the present!



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Mine's coming up on the twelfth and I don't feel remotely old enough to be as old as I am... There's a fair bit of anxiety, because it's one of those 'threshold' years, ending in a zero and all, and I just feel like I've got so little to show for what I've been doing with all this time.


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I'am going to be 30 soon in a few months not looking forward to it actually lol.Everyone I know is married or has kids or I always hear about people getting engaged at work or how someone is pregnant and I'am not even in a relationship right now and I just kinda feel like everyones ahead of me in terms of where they are going or what they are doing.I'am single so I want kids / marriage and because I'am reaching 30 idk if its ever going to happen or not and sometimes it makes me really depressed / down on myself but the guys I have dated and been interested in were all jerks in terms of commitment and what not like last time I really liked someone it was my one guy friend and I told him I liked him he never even contacted me after that lol like at all we havent spoken since so I think that really affected me and made me even more guarded towards men in general.Oh and he made a comment that he wanted to hook me up with his cousin yeah .... really unclassy of him of course he said that before he really knew but still like he would flirt with me and for me to be with his cousin I would think that would be weird for him but I guess not lol its probably better we never spoke after that situation.He would make comments that he was attracted to me so I guess I always kinda felt like he liked me too but yeah .... hes almost 30 too and hes in a very different place mentally than I'am lol like hes real immature for 29 though.Hes real into nightclubs /the bars and living the single life I guess but most men dont mature til late 40s even .... but I dont wanna wait around for him .I just ended that fake friendship so its still bothers me from time to time when I think back on it.

But yeah in terms of career and knowing who I'am I am doing good but its the social aspect that kinda didnt fall into place yet like friends alot of them I ended the relationships with because they are just people that bring me down and make me feel bad about myself and I got rid of a lot of people from my past over the years and never spoke to them again.I didnt really like my 20s too much as far as dating and men are concerned and in your 20s you still kinda are trying to figure life out and everything it sucked for me personally lol.I would never want to re live my 20s college life wasnt the best for me .
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