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I was at a Urban Decay counter yesterday and I saw these baked bronzers that reminded me of MSFs..they were so cute!
Now, has anyone tried these? What are your thoughts on it?


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My mom owns one and loves it.
It's her favorite bronzer because you even use them wet!


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I have Gilded and loooove it. I kind of reminds me of Shimpagne. What I like about the UD bronzers is that they don't show up as glittery as the MSFs (I have glitter-bomb issues with most of my MSFs). I haven't tried using it wet. I'm super super pale and it gives just the right amount of shimmer.

So to sum up: 2 big thumbs up


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They are a lot like MSFs. I wish UD would make more baked products, because the baked bronzers are fab. I have Gilded. It's a bit like a peachy bronze MSF with gold shimmer. Very nice.


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I love the Gilded one. It's so pretty with gold veining. It's my only bronzer, and its going to stay that way now that i've found it. Also it does not turn me orange like my previous bronzer did.
And yes everyone is right they are like msf's just not as shimmery/glittery i guess.


I have gilded and baked. They are wonderful! They have some shimmer/sheen, but not really glitter. They give you more of a "sunkissed" glowy look as opposed to "disco ball" like with MSFs. Terracotta turns me orange but the other shades are perfect. I can use either, it just depends on the look I'm going for. The only thing is, they seem to go bad faster than other brands of bronzer I've used. One pot lasts me one season, then that old makeup smell starts to show up. Other powdered bronzer products last me a full year with regular use. Still a great bronzer and worth buying again and again!


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I have this in Toasted. Perfect for my NC35 skintone. I use my MAC 187 to apply because it is very pigmented. I prefer my bronzers matt because of my oily skin.

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