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Sonia Kasuki(however u spell) Concelar brush
Essence of Beauty Foundation Brush
Cabodole Blush Brush
Prep + Prime
MAC Concelar NC25
MAC Foundation NC25
Studio Fix +
MAC Powder
MAC Bronzer in Golden
Barbie Love MAC(4got the name)
MAC E/S's:Swimming,Aquadisac,Star & Rocket(my personal FAVE),4 my brows I used Corduroy
MAC Paint:Untitled
Lips:MAC Viva Glam II & Viva Glam Lipglass VI
MAC Powerpoint in Sagegrass
Zoom Lash in Black

Prep _ Prime my face

Finished Product of using the primer

Next is Foundation. I used MAC of course in NC25

This is how it should look when u r finished applying ur foundation

Next is ur concelar

When ur done w/ur concelar

Now on 2 using ur paint;Mine is Untiled

This is how it should look after u blend it in

Next i used CCB in Hush this is optional,but i love it makes ur color POP more

Fully blending over the Untitled paint

Now dip ur 239 Brush in Stars & Rocket

Pat it on ur lid about half way

Dip ur 275 brush into Aquadisac

Now put that on 2 the rest of ur lid

This is how it should look blended 2gether w/ur 217 brush

After u blend those 2 colors 2gether dip ur 217 brush in Swimming & put swimming into ur outer corner of ur eye

It should look something like this

Take ur 227 brush in Velum(Amazing color) & put that on ur brow & into ur inner corner of ur eyes

This is how it should look when ur done

Take the MAC brow wax in the stick form & follow ur natural brows

Take the 208 brush & take it to a color natural 2 ur brow color & follow ur brows & fill them in

Take ur blush brush into ur brozner

Put it all over ur cheeks & newhere else(I put it on my forehead & chin)

Now take the Prep & Prime 4 ur lashes & just coat ur lashes

Let ur lashes dry 4 2mins

Now take ur Blush brush & put it in ur Barbie loves MAC Blush

We put it above ur cheek bone 2 highlight ur cheeks

gives u alittle shine

Now coat ur lashes w/ Zoom Lash in Black

Ur lashes should look like this when ur finished

4 ur lower lash line i used Sagegrass 1st

It is a little light,but dont worry bout that

Take ur 208 angle brush that u used 4 ur brows,now dip it into swimming

Do the same thing u did w/Sagegrass

Volia this is how it should look

Using ur Viva Glam II lipstick now

Then u follow w/Viva Glam VI lipglass

And the finish product

I hope u enjoyed my TUT


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You look like you had a blast doing this tutorial. I loved it. Bravo!


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Originally Posted by breathless
oh wow! great colors! thanks for the tut! excellent job!!

thanx so much

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