Unwanted Flirtation in MY workplace!!!!


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My issue....

I work in an office without customers. I sit in the reception area on my floor. There is this guy who works for one of the vendors that comes into my job to deliver stuff almost daily. He use to just stop an talk for a minute. The next time he will talk longer. For the past few weeks he seriously just hangs out at my desk for 20 or more minutes trying to talk to me. I useto talk to him here and there depening on how busy I was but more and more lately his talk has started to make me really uncomfortable.

He will compliment me alot. He is really flirty. Making comments bought how I hurt his heart if Im ignoring him ( which I have been doing casue I dont feel comfortable talking to him anymore) I was taking a suitcase to my car and i ran into him outside and he started talking about me packing to run away with him, etc. The way he says things, the way he stares all of it drives me crazy.

I dont really know how to handle it. I ignore him, it doesnt work. If I say something to someone then what. Hes in here everyday so would that make it worrse?

I have been happily married for over 7 years. Which he knows, I talked about my husband to him, I talked about him and his friends. ( my husband works for a rapper and they are all big tough guys, haha) I guess I was talking trying to intimidate him or make him feel less comfortable around me. I am not flirty or anything in return. I been with my husband so long I feel like I wouldnt even know how to flirt so I am definitly not encouraging him!

I seriously try to hide or leave the office when I know hes gonna come in. I shouldnt feel like this. This seriously ruins my day! What do I do!!!

Any advice is appreciated!


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I had a problem like this before with an overly pushy and flirty/needy co-worker. I know this sounds bad, but I just had to straight out say "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" and guess what, he did! I realize that this type of behavior at work isn't always appropriate, but I just don't put up with crap from anyone.


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i say

jk...he really doesn't get the hint at all. i think that you should just be straight up and tell him to fcuk off. if you've already told him nicely and he doesn't respect what how you feel or that you're busy and don't want to talk to him, just be mean about it until he gets the clue.


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Tell him...Listen delivery man dude person...I really have no problem talking to you...However when the talk starts to disrespect me , my marriage and my husband that is when I do have a problem. So if you cannot keep it respectful and clean...I feel our conversations must stop and I will have to report you to your manager....Not to mention I'm sure there are machines you need to be stuffing while you are hanging out here making my life uncomfortable as F*&^!!! Go pull some twinkies...Ok forget that last part...I was caught up in the moment...


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Don't people understand that you are just trying to be polite? Geeezzz... At my work I try to be friendly with people but some take that as you are in love with them or that you want to be best friends. It drives me nuts. I have seriously gotten to the point where if I see certain people walk by I will get on the phone or jump up really fast and go to a different department.

Maybe you should talk to your HR or whoever is in charge of this vendor and let them know that he is bothering you from doing your job. They can talk to his supervisor and maybe assign him to a new route.


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I think most of us have been there. A little friendly conversation that the other party mistakes for something else. You can either confront him yourself and tell him to buzz off or do like she said above. Personally, I like that one...non-confrontational. Plus you won't have to feel like you've hurt his feelings.


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LOL @ tish!

I would just be straight up. Professional, firm in my voice, and loud as politely possible... the just of what Tish said lolol.

If he still continues.. tell a manager and just ignore his ass.. he'll go away.


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Been there. had this really creepy guy that seemed cool at first come on to me multiple times in a very strong manner, he even pushed me up in a corner once. I immediately got my manager, told him everything and within the hour he was fired. And I dont feel bad. So my advice to you (because it never stops no matter how you try to act or what you say) is to get someone involved whether it be management or HR. Thats their job to deal with. And dont feel bad, everyone knows how not to act at work. Everyone goes through sexual harassment workshops. Its not like this guy has no idea what he is doing. And he needs to get a kick in the ass for the way he makes you feel. Dont be uncomfortable another day, just forward the problem to someone above you who will take action.


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That's sexual harrassment for me. I'll tell him to back off. Talk to your manager or the HR and let them know about this. Someone from your company has to take action and who knows you'll see a new delivery guy tomorrow?
Good luck!


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I'd bring in your husband one day or when he is trying to talk to you get on the phone to your husband and say "sorry gotta take this call, it's my hubby" and then start talking puppy love on the phone in front of him. That should do the trick!
I've had this too before and I personally am not the sort of person that can just say 'f off' and I can't just ignore the person. I'd bring in your man somehow. He'll get bored sooner or later as long as you start having the control xx


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uughh these situations are the worse, I've had this happen at almost every job...some guys get the hint and others like your guy need it beaten into their head...Def. try asking him 'Can you please leave me alone?' Just tell him you HATE talking at work and that he's stressing you out. If he STILL won't leave you alone then def. tell your boss or even his boss...So sorry your in this situation I know how much it sucks..


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Thank you all ladies sooo much! I know what you all are saying. But it kinda seems at times easier said than done! I have no problem being a bitch,. Which I have been alot of times. I have been quite rude but not gone as far to "F***K off! Like Coackitten said, I am required to be polite. The UPS, fedex, etc- all the other delivery guys are all very friendly and chatty. But they keep it to a minimum.

At times he is there chatting. My boss will walk up starts talking to me about work to do, etc and he still freaking stands there untill my boss leaves! My boss probably thinks its me. My phone will ring and he still stands and waits. When It is my husband I usually just get up and leave. or tell him all call him right back. I dont feel comfortable talking to my husband with this crazy dude learing over me.

Yesterday afternoon is what actually triggered my post. He works for the copy center we use. I had to request some items be rushed. It was like 2000 pages that I needed printed to be ready to go out in fedex. So he brought them over just in time and I was so grateful. I was nice cause I was so happy I was able to get them out in time.....But then... uggg. I realized the invoice he gave me they printed all 2000 pages in color and not in b/w which I asked for- and the charge was 7x more than it should have been. So I was telling him he had to fix it, etc. Then he was saying paying for the service. Isnt the cost worth it to see his face, etc. He just kept going on about the service he provides me buy being here! Can you beleive that. I was so mad. I told him he was crazy. I wouldnt pay an extra dollar to see his face. I dont care about his services. I want the error fixed. I felt like this little argument he was having with ME wasnt even about BUISNESS! It felt personal. Little remarks me made. He kept saying if I wanted the invoice fixed that he would have to take back all the work. I wouldnt send it back becasue it HAD to go out. I told him its cool. I would just use a diffrent vendor and avoid issues. Then he started going on about loyalty... im not loyal to him, etc. I was like who are you kidding. its a buisness. Buisness isnt about loyalty. I didnt want to hear anything else. I called his manager and left a message and then I left with him standing there.

His manager is some guy probably a couple years older then him. So I tell his manager and then what. He talks to him about it Or they laugh about it together!!

I tell my manager and he would call his manager? And then what. Same story? I just kinda feel like Im stuck. I really just try to use them the least I can. But then other departments call for work and he comes by still.

Ok so I know I am just complaining now... sorry! Just soo frustrated! Its crazy I am always the person that says, your in control of your situation. Dont let something happen you dont want to happen! etc! I cant even take my own damn advice!

RANT OVER- for the time being anyway! Thanks for listening yet again

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