Update on Apartment thingy


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Well, I'm filing the complaint today. I may have enough for a civil suit as well, we'll see.

Good news! My mom's cousins sister-in-law knows a woman who is moving out of a house at the end of the month. lol. Come to find out, I used to jam with this woman's half brother when I was singing. lol. We went and took a look at the house. 3br, 1 bath, screened in back porch, eat-in-kitchen, carpet, double sized sink in the bathroom, built in shelving in the office, washer and dryer hook-ups, and a shed. Guess how much. $650 a month. That is UNHEARD of in Hampton, Va. You can't get a decent place for less than $900 if it's a good neighborhood.

We went over there and the landlord (who lives across the street) was already there. She's a sweetheart. In her 60's and lives alone. Security deposit was only $200. I wrote her a check with a QUICKNESS boy, let me tell you.

I am so relieved. Finally, something positive. We've been kicked a lot in the last three years, and finally someone is offering us a helping hand.

Thank you all for your well wishes, and be sure I'm still complaining about that stupid apartment manager.



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That's awesome! I thought about your other post when I heard my upstairs neighbor, sounding like a wild horse, trampling the damn floor.