Urban Decay liquid foundation


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Its the best!!! I have it in Vision and the concealer in Hallucination.

I have combination skin and I have tried all kinds of foundations from different brands but wow this gives me what I need. I don't even have the words to describe it so I will show you a pic. lol


It gives you such a flawless finish w/o looking caked on. And I haven't broken out with it! I have sensitive skin and I must say, I would have never thought it would give me exactly what I want.


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Thanks for the info! Your skin does look flawless, I must say... I have MAC hyperreal now and while I like it, I sometimes get the old spot because of it I think. Might have to check this one out!


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Wow. As a girl with combo skin, I never thought UD liquid foundations would do anything for me, esp with the negative reviews. I'll give it a shot, though. Let's hope its a winner.


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I'd love to use it, I liked the way it felt on when I tested it, but I'm an NC15 and the UD was way too yellow on me


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I love the finish of it, and the yellowness is perfect for me, but they don't do my colour

The lightest one is too pale, and the next one up is too dark.

Maybe in winter I'll try getting the lighter one


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I wouldn't say its amazing, awesome, fantastic, etc, but its a nice foundation.
The price point is a bit lower than most sold at Sephora.. so its a good everyday foundation.

if you prime your skin right,
its very light weight, soft powdery finish, (not flat and dull looking), lasts a good amount of time, and coverage is very buildable.
one thing I don't like about it is that the colors ending in .0 isn't yellow enough for my skin, and beige colors tend to make me look a bit dull..

I would get one before they raise the price again..

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