Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks


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Here are some swatches of the upcoming Matte Revolution line! https://instagram.com/p/4HYm9uGoPa/


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This is the first thing I'm feeling remotely excited about in a long time. Hopefully they're as creamy as the rest of the Revolution line!


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Oh wow. If those are any good, I'm doomed -- I love love love the regular Revolution lipsticks.


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Someone out there heard my matte lipstick loving prayers. Now matte lipsticks are flying at me from all brands. I do love the Revolution lipsticks but this would just thrill my wee matte loving heart. If they have a matte version of Shame, Venom and Bang I'm in like Flynn!! Those swatches are beautiful. Thank you Katred!


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I absolutely love UD's lipsticks, I can't wait to try these! And for gosh sakes could UD PLEASE come out with a real true PURPLE. I would die happy haha.


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I jus bought their matte revolution lipstick in Menance and i am in love. It's super pigmented and long wearing ...



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Posted these in the wrong thread, so here goes. Got a few new things from UD, 2 matte l/s and a lip pencil. Left to right, Stark Naked lip pencil, Matte Backtalk and Matte Carnal.