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totally, i still want Pete to win though, he's the only one there that is cool and now he can chill without Lea clinging to him.

There's gonna be a double eviction on fridayl, heres the details:

If you thought all this hugging lark was too good to be true... then you'd be right.

While the Best Friends have been enjoying their fluffy weekend, Big Brother has been busy plotting its latest nasty twist. Or two. The House is set for a couple of big shocks this week as Big Brother gets dramatically less friendly.

The first bombshell drops tomorrow, when the housemates discover they must nominate IN PAIRS. Aisleyne and her Best Friend Jennie will be called to the Diary Room first, where they must agree on two housemates to nominate. As usual the two (or more) housemates with the most nominations will be up for eviction.

BUT there's another twist...

What the couples won't know is that nominees will face the public vote along with their best friend, leading to one pair of Best Friends being evicted in a double eviction LIVE on Friday. So for example, if Richard is evicted, then Pete goes too.

So it looks like these Best Friends really will be sticking together, right to the end...

and another part

We hope the housemates are savouring their hugs, presents and friendship songs... because things are set to get a whole lot tougher next week.

When we say tough, we mean tough like a prison... literally. In a double twist on Friday, not only will one pair of Best Friends be evicted, but also some of the group will be locked up in Big Brother's secret prison.

The prisoners will be fingerprinted and moved into the Big Brother Prison, which is hidden next door. There they will have to carry out laborious and frustrating daily tasks, and will only be allowed back into the main House twice a day for a 'walk around'. Prisoners will be fed three basic meals a day and must wear their prison uniform at all times.

But as always, things are not quite what they seem as there are more surprises in store for both the prisoners and the officers in Big Brother's most twisted week yet...

Looks like it'll be worth watching haha, but the public wont vote for pete to go i hope, he may have Tourettes but he sure is hilarious