Using your middle name instead of first/last name?


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Just wondering if there are any makeup artists out there who do this? I was thinking of using my middle name in place of my last name, as it has more of a ring to it & is more gender specific. But does this cause complications when it comes to clients writing cheques, etc..? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Most clients understand that like many performers some makeup artists have stage names and will typically ask who they need to address their check to. If they don't ask be sure to specify.


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thats not a problem, Iuse my middle name often for a number of things, it's still ur name

Just make sure when getting a check ur full name is displayed


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I do the same thing.
Mine is Heather Nicole Artistry
My name is Heather, and for my mua I use Heather Nicole as opposed to my surname, number 1 because its cool. 2. because I know what people are calling for as I only have 1 cell phone line. Easy distinction


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you can specify to your bank that you will be receiving checks with other than the official name they have for you for that account. For example, all of my legal documents and my checking information have my first name, but i use my middle name for business. They made a note of it and I havent had a problem since.
that's exactly what I do.

My bridal contract specifies my full legal name for the purposes of writing checks (I do not have a business checking account only a personal one)


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You can obtain a business license in the name of your business rather than your own name, it's a dba (doing business as), that way you are able to complete documents, open accounts, and accept payments made out to your middle name! I did it because my legal last name is hyphenated, but I don't regularly go by the whole thing and didn't want my business name to either.
I'm a photographer and use my first and middle name instead of my surname because I hate it! Most people know me as Heather Louise now and not my proper name!

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