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is it being discontinued or going to PRO only? it's on the goodbyes section on!

TamEva Le Fay

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^^^ It's its not gonna be gone??

Not one of my favs anyway...but it will still be available


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Woo! That's awesome. I don't have this yet and it was on my next haul list. But on the PRO site, it's not available as a palette refill...weird...I don't want to buy one and then have to depot it.


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I'm looking to put in a pro order and vellum is listed on the discontinued pro product page. Does this mean that it really is going to be discontinued and no longer a pro only product?


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Originally Posted by GlamQueen21
^They are discontuinuing Vellum in pot form and it's now available in pan form to make it easier.

good to know as I love vellum eyeshadow..


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Just an FYI- I wondered why there were Vellum pots at the CCO. If you are looking for Vellum in a pot, they had them at the CCO, but call your local store, they may have already been sent back. Saw them in November.


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We have like 50 vellum e/s in our CCO store (there is only one in Turkey hehe), I wondered why and asked the MUAs, they told me it is going to be a PRO eye shadow. I loooove vellum, it is a gorgeous color, I'd be sad if they d/c it.