very lime green.


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I want a lime green of the utmost brightness, that is less yellow than Bitter. Has anyone seen one? Can be any brand. Thanks in advance.


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Lime by mac? i havent seen this color in person. but hey, its called lime! btw, its a pro color


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overgrown from culturebloom is lime green. everytime I go to a cco they have one. Also lorac makes a frosty lime called godess.


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I've been looking for my HG lime colour as well. As others have suggested, Chartreuse [the shimmery pigment, not the matte] is good.. can turn up a bit yellow, depending on the lighting, though. I've also heard that chartreuse over a lucky green shadestick is really good.. haven't yet tried it, though.

Also, mark from Avon has a colour called "Dragonfly" that is a nice lime green.. but its staying power isn't exactly what I'd like.


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I've been looking for a true lime green, too. I noticed Bitter this weekend, and I swatched it, so it's probably my next purchase... but if I can find a more true lime in e/s form, I'd be grateful, too.


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I wish I could find Milani in my area.
I've been to three different Targets and a few different Walgreens.


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nyx makes a lime green color. idk what it's called because i'm at work so i dont have it on me now. but if u can get ur hands on nyx then u should try out that color.

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