Very shiny & glossy lipglass that can be used over almost ALL lipsticks?


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I already have many lipsticks and lipgloss with colors. I am looking for a lipglass that can be used like a clear gloss, over most lipsticks without changing the color. I don't really like clear gloss because I prefer when it's very shiny, frosty or sparkly like most MAC lipglass with colors. (I never tried MAC clear lipglass or prolong wear gloss coat though)

Which lipglass would you recommend?


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MAC's Clear Lipglass is super shiney. You would def like it over your lipsticks. Plus its perfect to mix ur pigments with to create ur own lipglass shades.

I also like Too Faced's Mirror Mirror gloss in I Know You Want Me. It's clear and shines seriously like glass.


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I really like Luminary Lustreglass (looks light pink but on lips adds a gorgeous gold, almost peachy shimmer)
But I do not know if it won't alter the colors underneath it - I only wear it by itself... Instant gold Lustreglass is also amazing but that will certainly add some warmth to whichever lipstick you will have under it.