Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


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I got a bottom when I was at SAKS in New York. I even got a box in which the designers THEMSELVES autographed it. YAY!

And as a special promotion, they gave me a ITTY BITTY BITTY little FLOWERBOMB atomizer. AH ITS SOOO CUTE. Its like the size of a thimble.

Its heavenly!


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it is DIVINE!!!!! my dh bought it for me a few months ago. for me it's right up there with my other all time favorite angel, by thierry mugler.. DIVINE! i got the le one in the gold bottle for christmas and it is just HEAVEN!!!


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I bought a bottle of this at the airport when I was in London this summer and it smells amazing. Although, the bottle isn't gold like the one they have here. is a realllly heavy scent, def. a winter scent.


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Ok I just got to sniff this in the Nordstrom Glam Gear catalog and I think I want it!

Ugh I hate getting stuck on such pricey perfumes!


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I finally got to smell this yesterday and I am in love with it. I am trying to convince hubby that I need it for christmas
With a name like flowerbomb, I was expecting a floral perfume, but it isn't really floral at all. It is just pure heaven.


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My b/f's sister just got this yesterday and I was at her apartment and she had me smell it. I swear it is a pefefect hybrid of Pink Sugar and Escada's Magentism! Both of which she wears, kind of odd. I actually really like it


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Does anyone else think this smells like Lolita Lempicka? I smelled it yesterday on a card and a spray on myself, and all I could think of is that it smells almost the same as LL on me, sweet and a little musky/incense-y.

Love the bottle though.


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I am lusting after this SO. BAD. I have a spray sample and a super mini bottle of it, but I really want the Bomblicious lotion. I like perfumed lotions more. (Shrug)


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I smelled this today and loved it, it is floral, definitely has a rose scent. I wear YSL Baby Doll which is a bit more citrusy, this is a softer scent.


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I was in charge of this launch at Nordstroms in San Francisco
i was even in charge of Victor % Rolfs visit to SF(which ended in my leaving to Bloomingdales lol)

i lvoe it
it stays on the skin forever
and guys, we are simple creatures
so anything with a sweet/food scent we're gonna love

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