Want a couple more ideas...


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for some makeup. Since this forum seems to be my favorite, and the one I lurk on the most...I figured I'd get some ideas from you guys for my friend's makeup...here's the deal;
My bestest friend in the entire world is getting married (again...but I actually like this guy, so I think she'll be ok this time) in August, and I'm doing her makeup for her (again...LOL). They're keeping things very casual, just doing a JoP, and then having a reception later in the day...she's wearing a pale blue dress (I think she said pale blue
oops), and is going to have her hair down. For reference, I think she's probably an NC25 (haven't seen her in a while
), has bright blue eyes, and blonde hair.
She's given me permission to do whatever I want...I've done her makeup enough that she trusts my judgement...but obviously I want her to look absolutely amazing. I was thinking about golds and coppers, maybe a pop of plum liner under her eyes...but I wanted to get some ideas from you guys here, and see what you thought.
I love having a whole community of creative, beautiful men and women to bounce ideas off of, and get fresh ideas from...


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Gold colors would be nice, you can even associate gold with plum, using the plum as a liner like you said. For such a combination, I like woodwinked and nocturnelle e/s. Another nice combination is all that glitters + twinks e/s, it give a great neutral eye but still sophisticated.


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Copper would really bring out the blue in her eyes and dress. Coppering and Nocturnelle go great together!


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I think that even if it's a casual wedding, it's still nice to have quite timeless makeup that will turn out well in photographs, and won't date as you look back over any photos in the years to come. Personally I'd avoid anything too shimmery or colourful and go for either a clean, defined eye or a very soft matte smokey eye, paired with soft pink lips and cheeks. Sounds boring I know, but unless she has specifically asked for something quite fresh, wild or with a twist, I would keep it low-key. And definitely do a trial run with photos if you can.