Waxing problems!


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Hey everyone, new member here so apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place as I'm struggling to find anyone that can advise me.

Long story short, I have sensitive skin and struggle with most methods of hair removal, especially those that don't give long lasting results as I have to keep repeating the process. This has led me to waxing, which irritates my skin slightly for a shorter period of time... but it doesn't seem to work for me!!

I am a student so I can't afford to continuously go to salons for hair removal, especially when I can do it at home. I tried soft wax a while ago, I remember it being messy and didn't really commit to it so I suppose that is still an option. However, I've just bought a wax heater and some Mylee wax beads and I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I aboslutely cannot get rid of all of the hair. I have washed, exfoliated and prepped the skin, I have tried applying oil and baby powder before hand, I've tried applying thick strips and thin strips, I've tried the wax at different consistensies and no matter what I do, I am always left with hair behind.

A couple of nights ago I was super determined to keep trying, so I sat on the floor for around 3 hours trying to wax my legs. I only did the shin of one leg in that time, and still was only able to get some hairs (mainly the longer ones). This means I just have to shave after anyway which irritates my skin, and I end up using half a bag of 500g wax beads for one portion of my leg!!

I'm pretty confident I'm doing something wrong so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I really need to get into the routine of a more permanent, beneficial hair removal routine as my skin is so irritated by shaving, so you can imagine what its like with hair removal cream.

Any advice welcome!

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