wen vs ojon..


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my hair is so dry and damaged... you cant even run your fingers through it really... i know i need to cut my ends off but i want to try one of these products to see if it helps... any suggestions?


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Look on Makeupalley.com to see reviews and compare the two. I've never used either products. However, I've gotten my hair into MUCH better shape by using these two products:

Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Mask (expensive, but smells amazing and restores strength to hair)
Joico K-Pax Intense Hydrator (smoothes, hydrates and helps prevent split ends.. I use this every three days now and my hair has never been better)



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i've tried both, ojon really didn't impress me and it made my scalp itch. the wen is pretty great, it works the best when you leave a teenie bit in as a leave in. wen is worth a try for sure =)


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I have tired both and I personally like Wen better then Ojon. Ojon made my scalp itch like crazy. However, Wen is so expensive in my opinion. Wen did improve my hair though. I think Wen is worth trying out.

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