What am I doing wrong (with my 217 brush?)


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I feel pretty stupid for even asking this, but until recently, I didn't know this was anything more than an eyeshadow brush. (I never used it for blending, just application...I thought it was too big for that too!

I can use it to blend my nyx milk pencil in just fine, but this is what I did...I put on all my shadows, and lightly rubbed my brush over my entire lid trying to blend it...it basically turned into just one really dull color. (Like cheap shadows with little payoff). What am I doing wrong?

I have great MAC brushes, and don't even know how to use them! If I hadn't watched videos on the 187, I never would have known to "stipple".

It's kinda like having a Ferrari and never taking it past 35mph. I have all this great makeup and can't figure out how to put it on properly! LOL

Please help.


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perhaps you are blending too much or you may just have not had enough eyeshadow on to begin with.

I love the 217 brush for blending, and also applying paint pots.


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Try blending one shadow at a time and then going over the rough edges only when you're done. If you're just smudging it all together, I could see why that effect is happening.


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perhaps use a lighter hand to blend. holding the brush futher away from the metal automatically makes you use it lmore lightly. and also go slow and gentle and stop to check what's going on before it all belends into one.

i hope it works for you soon!


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Hey! As previously said I think the problem has to do with the fact that you're rubbing the entire eyelid, I just blend the colors basically at the "seams" or where they meet. Try it as you go along...for instance if youre putting three different colors across your lid, add the first color, then next to it add the second color. Blend where those two colors meet, and there is nothing wrong with adding more color if you rub too much away! after the first two are blended, add the third shadow and blend where that and the second shadow meet. Don't go over the whole thing, and try using a lighter hand! Hope that helps!! <3


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OH! D'oh! Man, I feel stupid.

I watch youtube videos doing eye tutorials, and they always say, "And then I blend with my 217 brush."...I'm shaking my head right now. Thanks for that, it's obviously what I'm doing wrong. LOL

I'm light, I was just blending all the colors together once applied.


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Enkore actually has a video about a whole manner of different types of eyeshadow blending. It's really great, i picked up some tips from there. He used the 217 & 224 in the video.

YouTube - Blending 101