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What are you wearing right now?


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Marc Jacobs Daisy or Amazing Grace by Philosophy

for x-mas I NEEEEDD Dolce and Gabanna The One, OMG LOVE IT!!!
viva la juicy is really good too!


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today is LAMB perfume. i love perfume! i am such a sucker for it... i've got a mile long list of the scents i want next!


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I recently got Marc Jacobs Daisy and I LOVE it, it smells so good and classy! I've also been wearing The Beat by Burberry and I like it ok, it can be a little strong at times.


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Ok I know this is kinda old already but I still love it until now...Perry Ellis Portfolio..its smells wonderful! until now I still get compliment everytime I use it


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Wearing my bf's shirt with the lingering scent of platinum Chanel....
I am really loving Betsey Johnson perfume
right now though....


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i cant believe no one has mention Lolita Lempika....its to die for!! i mean really lol everyone complements me on itt but yeahhh um they used ti sell it at Macys but they stopped ;( so dissapointing they have it @ sephora though


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Ed Hardy... it has no staying power WHATSOEVER, but I loooooooove the way it smells when I spray it. lol