what BASE/PRIMER do u use for glitter on eyes??


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pls help: i just bought tons of glitter from coastalscents.com and need to know what to use to keep the glitter on my eyelid? i tried duo eyelash adhesive, worked but itched like a mofo!
paintpots didnt quite do the trick. i'm trying to get longlasting punch of glitter. tia



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Medusa's Makeup has a base made specifically for eye glitters. It's called "The Fix" and its description is:
"Don't forget this must have for loose glitter powder! This is an all natural wax base for loose glitter. Apply it first, then apply your glitter! Because it is all natural it can be used on eyes or lips."
Plus it's only $6!


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i use mac's EZR. its a pro product. its an eye gel that dries down and sticks like crazy. works like a charm!


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I use Urban Decay's primer potion, but to apply the glitter I have to use a brush like a 213. It worked for when I did looks where it was 3D Silver from crease to brow. The glitter did not budge once during my 8-hour day.


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I just ordered a special glitter glue from Ben Nye, it comes in a little nailpolish type of packaging, but it's a glitter adhesive. I haven't received it yet but that might be an option. Mixing Medium won't help it to stick.